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Something must have happened when I didn’t get any sleep. I’m not afraid of making mistakes and I seem to have spaced out a bit. Weird. Went back home and did more programming. Pseudocoded before I programmed, which resulted in very clean code. Debugging took 1/5th the time as opposed to no pseudocoding. It was at max..1 line mistakes. I felt quick, did things quickly. Rock! Eclipse really does rock. I found a weirdness with its Javadoc comments though… Which meant I had to rewrite all my Javadoc comments. Then, 30 mins before the project was due I found 3 bugs. One was major (1 line fix), 2 minor (formatting issues…). The last one could have been something more serious, so I spent time and I fixed that. Again..1/2 line fixes. All good. Created my nice little jar file and submitted it 10 mins before deadline. Watched American Pie II while I ate. Decided to work a bit with subversion. I want the last project we do for ECE 250 to be revisioned. Created a subversion repository and added Project 2 – Project 4 on it. Wow! Very easy to use. I like it a lot already :) If I’d known about version control software in Gr. 11 I wouldn’t have had to create over 30 different backups of a major project I did because of branching/various optimizations and backups. I have every intention of learning to use subversion well. Talked quite a bit to Angela (my sister) and Barry/Allister. Sleeping early today. Will be a long, healthy sleep :)

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