The 16th


Found out that I require a ton of references and what not for the job I have. Ah well – time to call my previous boss and see what I can dig up. Watched three movies today (read: could have used time better). Went to the lab and completed off the ping pong game – one bug and one feature implemented. I like hardware now – now that I understand how to use/design basic things. Its pretty cool. Oh, and digital hardware is way way better than the analog stuf ;) Umm…to continue, went out for dinner with Barry, Jess and Geoff. Felt kinda weird there. I was the slowest person in terms of eating. I think I ate too much too. Also – my rear brake froze up on the way to the lab – which led to a near miss when I was crossing the road. Not fun. On the way back it was snowing and I skidded twice – joy. Sat around when I got back and around 12:00 got pissed and tried to compile RB 0.4.0. No joy. Game up and compiled 2.5.47. No joy again – hard X lockup on reboot. Oh man – turnedd off the computer. Things were *not* going my way.

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