Looking Good For Linux!

Walked over to FS to take a look at CD/Mp3 player. Decided it wasn’t worth the money. Lots of food today. *Lots*. Read a ton of Linux stuff. The newest RH beta came out today. Gotta try it out when I have the chance. Understood more about KGI, GGI and Fresco. Wow… Linux *could* have been different. I wish the KGI and GGI teams the best of luck. They need it. Linux badly needs a new way with which to interact with graphics. Sad to say but X really doesn’t cut it. Not unless there’s a major reorganization. Took a look at NPTL. Looks interesting for highly threaded apps. Bought a computer from Dave for 130. Meant to be a development/experimental machine. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully well. I mean *really hopefully*. Things that I’m very interested in seeing on Linux (some = pie in the sky, some = soon).

  • Serious contender to Xfree [Fresco] (PITS)
  • Replacement for mess of framebuffer, VESA and DRM kernel stuff [KGI, GGI] (PITS)
  • Decent manufacturer supplied printer drivers (PITS)
  • Sensible, scalable, distributed packaging system that works on all distros (PITS)
  • Reworking of filesystem heirarchy (PITS)
  • Newer, better version of Gnutella (SOON)
  • New OOo toolkit (PITS)
  • Thorough GTK documentation + tutorials (Come on Sun…)
  • NPTL support is standard (SOON)
  • Reiser4 (SOON)
  • Kernel v2.6 (SOON)
  • Gnome2.2 (SOON)
  • Media Application Server (SOON)
  • GTK2 Mozilla (SOON)
  • Faster Mozilla (PITS)

Wow…that’s a lot of stuff. All Linux related. Interesting though, for all its faults I like Linux. I’m interested and willing to stay with it for however long it takes to get these troubles sorted out. I just hpe they get sorted out soon ;) Cause no one’s gonna wait forever. No one… Biggest thing on this list? Xfree replacement. Fat chance tho.

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