Kay Anger


Well…yesterday was a monster post. A truly huge one. Today was ok. I am going to buy a disposable camera. I’m going the humiliation route when it comes to Kay. If there is one person I…”DISLIKE” it would be him. And I am comfortable in saying that I am not the only one. He has managed to piss off everyone where I live. His lack of cleanliness is starting to affect us all. We can’t open the door when his door is open because the stench is so powerful. He *never* washes his frying pan – evn though he cooks eggs, fish and chicken in it. His personal habits are….lacking. He managed to get shit all over the toilet bowl and *under* the bloody seat on the rim. (How he manages this I do not know – he’s worse than a dog that hasn’t been housetrained…well maybe not as bad – just barely better). He smells foul, leaves his nail clippings over the place, doesn’t clean up the stove after himself and doesn’t flush…. Right. I think that’s about it. I’m taking Allister’s advice. Everytime that guy dirties up the place horribly i will take a picture. At the end of the term I will post all of them on the bathroom door along with a diatribe. Hopefully that’ll teach him a lesson. What happened over the past week? Well…I had horrible sleeping habits. I got 3 hours of sleep one day, 6 hours the next, none on another. It was bad…. On the last day I had to hand the project in I was coding all day. Almost 12 hours straight. After I handed the stuff in my back was paining like crazy and my wrist felt horrible. I had tried out two different algorithms, and the one that I thought would be more efficient turned out not to be so. I think I know why – it was a combination of things. Suffice it to say – in a perfect world everything would have worked out :) Ah…what happened today – did some Calc, very little VHDL. I’m very worried about the exams. Will start studying today (It’s 12:30 as I write this). Ah well…have to leave – gotta sleep. Oh yeah – managed to fix one of the little problems with Apache2 location and cleaned up my subversion stuff.

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