Microsoft Bleakness


I’m so tired. Everything is so painful. I look and MS is creating a full scripting language with with to support their servers. They’re looking to kill Linux right now. Stop it in its tracks. You know, every time I turn MS is doing something to destroy Linux. And you know what – no one in the non-Linux world cares. They can use their pirated MS software and they couldn’t give a rat’s ass. At all. Times are looking bleak now. 30 billion in the bank. How can a bunch of coders stand up to that? Hmm? We have a fractured DE, a windoing system that everyone agrees requires a MASSIVE rehaul (except the guys doing the coding – they prefer to pretend that everything is ok). There’s cruft from the last 30 years in the file system layout, packaging, design, everything. And everyone, including me is passing the buck. Oh good. So very good. Credible alternatives for windowing systems do not exist. The FHS standard is a joke. No distro follows it seriously. The best guidelines I’ve seen are Debian’s, but no one wan’t to follow them at all. Times are looking bleak. There seems to be no respite in site. What to do? What to do… How can progress be made if people don’t want it? How?

Watched the Astronaut’s Wife today. B rate type sci-fi. But, I didn’t like the ending. Why? Because the aliens win and I hate the aliens winning. I am a big humanity type person. For all my cynicism when it comes to general human behavior, I would do anything in my power to prevent humans from being destroyed. Anything. I believe it is our destiny to take to the stars and become a great civilization. And if I have the power to protect that destiny. I will. Who knows? Maybe someday I will be given the chance. [Yeah right…dream on Allen].

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