2003’s Here :)


Yes, I’ve been lax over the past few days. What did I do today? Hmm..woke up..went to church. Good service. Bad afterwards though. Stood around for 1 hour (cause Dad had to help with some church activites). Being ignored by *everyone* my age was worse than the standing around part. I can handle standing around. Depressed because of that. Yay. Went and took a look at where I work (Downsview). Wow…the entire complex is HUGE…but a lot of the buildings are old. Finally found out where the DRDC buildings are situated. Hmm…hope my time there will be good. Got back. Took a look at the Fresco stuff. Finally took a leap of faith and jumped into #fresco on irc.freenode.net. Extremely pleasant conversation with Tobias Hunger (one of the primary developers). I am now trying to write a simple “Hello World” application to try and see how Fresco works. I nw understand more about how Fresco deals with objects (graphics) and exactly what pieces are stored client-side as to server-side. Gotta say one thing though. Its extremely confusing when you first get involved in what a client/server is . Its kinda weird. Looks like I’ll have to be doing a lot of reading. This seems like an *extremely* long term thing. I mean *really* long term. Lots of reading, especially wrt C++, CORBA and basic graphics programming. Got kinda ticked off with the old berlin stuff and spent a *ton* of time building my own version of Fresco. Things to watch out for: you cannot have two omniorbs on your system. For some reason it refused to pick up my omniORB3 libs but it would pick up the includes. Weird huh. I ended up building omniORB as well. Also – here’s a link for omniORB4 .debs. Got a nice email from Kurt ;) Talked to Shoba. Ah – one of my favorite cousins. Talking to her always manages to undepress me. For some reason I can talk to her normally and quite well. Good conversations too. Don’t know if she likes the conversations though ;) Maybe. She’s going to do her PhD as well! Oh man. I feel *really* young. Talked to Rengi, Theja… Interesting day. Sleep early. Got a ton of stuff to do tomorrow.

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