Happy 21st Birthday!


Well…it seems like things always happen on my birthday ;) Once it was the Canada FIRST Robotics Competition kickoff, then school starting – and now my job. Had a low key birthday celebration. Nothing much to say there. My first day on the job today. Lots of walking around. Got introduced to my co-workers. Everyone seems friendly. It seems like a nice atmosphere to work in. I can’t believe it – I’m a government employee. It feels kinda interesting that I’m (quite literally) paying my own salary ;) Hah! Well…I’ll see what I have to do. Got a nice call from Geoff today! Wished me happy birthday. Seems he’s leaving on the 12th. Wished him the best of luck. Brought up mention of the trip. Seems that he is *indeed* still interested. Mentioned that Allister had already contacted him at least 4 times about the trip. So its a go with Allister. Now we just have to do a ton of work to get everything together…

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