Exception Patch!


Fixed up the exception for Fresco. I will create a patch and submit – I don’t know if it’ll be accepted. Created a new layout for the bug page. People seem to like it. Talked to Stefan and got introduced to the Fresco web sources. Oh. My. Gosh. I mean – whoa. I think Fresco is the little center of the world where every new piece of technology lumped together. When Fresco really got going they started using C++ (which is still not heaviliy used by the *nix community), CORBA and a *completely* different design. I mean – some of the stuff is *extremely* ambitious. Well – the web page reflects that. Heavy use of XML, XSLT. The Issue Tracker is built using Roundup. There are murmerings of using Subversion instead of CVS (please say yes – Subversion is *much* better to use than CVS….). I’m surprised they aren’t using Scons for their build system. (Actually, I think they made the right choice wrt. that). It reduces the barrier to entry. At any rate, I was told to change the bug search page to reflect the current schema. Unfortunately, a look at the bug search page revealed a mass of TAL (Zope Templating…). Lots and lots of Python. It seems to be the language of choice among the open source community. Gotta pick up a Python book soon… At any rate, set up a roundup server and promptly got stuck. Have no idea exactly how the heck I’m going to debug the bug template. Oh man. I have to ask Stefan about this.

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