Roundup Struggles


Struggled again with setting a duplicate of the Fresco Roundup. Nicholas was no help. Man…is it hard to get an extra duplicate of a website. Hmm…at any rate, I was looking around and I realized I had forgotten about the RIAA’s poisoning the P2P networks with tons of junk files. For that: “I’LL NEVER BUY A PIECE OF MUSIC FROM YOU JACKASSES”. Now that I’ve got that out, I immediately started to think about how to harden the P2P networks again this kind of attack. One method I can think of is something like trust metrics. Given a search your results get placed at the top depending on how well your search matches, how fast you are AND how trusted you are. To be trusted you have to be sharing a large number of files, have a number of successful uploads etc etc. Until you are trusted you will be kept on the fringes of the P2P networks. As your trust rating grows, you’ll start to move inwards, and forge stronger and more ties with other nodes… Just a thought. Maybe I should investigate this seriously someday. Distributed things are extremely interesting for me. Bah…attack Roundup tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to ask Stefan some stuff.

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