Fresco VIM Work…


Moved funally to Debian’s GNOME 2.2. Deleted all vestiges of GARNOME. WIll try it again later. I find myself getting angrier, more abrasive lately. Angrier with the world, more apt to take offence – just on edge. I don’t know what’s causing it? Perhaps some recognition of my capabilities (or lack thereof, or lack of effort?) I don’t know. Neiljp commited my patch to Fresco CVS. Thanks neiljp! Started reading bout how to create vim scripts. I’m working on the task to implement a vim script file for the coding guidelines in the fresco coding style. Vim’s scripts are interesting. I’m not sure how everything fits in. It seems however – quite modularized. I am greatly looking forward to Reiser4. When it comes out I will be taking the opportunity to buy a new copy of Libranet (perhaps one that includes Reiser4 as the default option), exorcise the unused Windows partition and redo my computer from scratch. I anticipate that this will be quite a painful undertaking, but I believe it will be worth it. Reading about extremely smart people can be very depressing. Especially if you find yourself comparing your acheievements to theirs. The question inevitably rises: “What am I good for?” I think brilliance and mental capacity is one of the greatest gifts God can give… [sigh]Just spent 30 seconds trying to get to this line in Vim. Sleep @ 12:00.

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