Building ICE


Yay! Ice from ZeroC built properly. I had to install BDB in a separate prefix and point the makefile towards it to work, but it did. Excellent! Now, typing up the examples. It turns out that I need to use the following linker flags “-lIce -lIceUtil -lpthread -luuid -ldl -lbz2”. I hope this helps :) Ice _seems_ really clean. So I’m looking forward to working with it. Nice…Ice seems to look the more I read of the docs. It’s definietly not mind blowing – although to be quite honest I’m quite confused about classes/interfaces and how they are related in slice. Also, AFAIU proxies refer to handles to distributed/possibly local objects. So I can understand how it would be advantageous to always deal in terms of proxies. Now suddenly I’m faced with classes. To make matters worse, it appears that these classes can have operations defined on them. Whoa – suddenly it doesn’t look like this is very distributed. Now, if I understand correctly – the Ice designers do state this. I’m not entirely sure as a result why I would need classes for this. Hmm. Rediscovered Alizee. I’d forgotten how nice a voice she has. Currently listening to a lot of Alizee, Dido and Enya. What does that say about my mood? ;)

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