Tried out the 1.3 alpha of Evolution today. They _really_ need to HIGify it. It was a royal pain in the a** to build. Had to end up downloading almost everything from Ximian’s ftp site. Not to mention problems in which it linked against the wrong mozilla-nspr libs…oh my. In addition, had to copy the *server files from my ${prefix} directory to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers. Annoying and Crazy. At any rate, its very very fast to load up now. But – it chokes on GPG encrypted messages _and_ is very crashy (moving into thread view toasts it). So, back to the horrible old evo 1.2. Damn I hate un AA fonts. Don’t know how I ever stood it….

Well…seahorse works now. Last night it was toasting itself. Removed my gpg directory today and generated a new key pair. That worked out and now its working like a champ. Maybe I will start giving my public key out to Allister etc. Who knows?

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