I can’t relax properly and its driving me nuts.

At any rate, I just stumbled across LinuxStep – a project that aims to merge the pieces of the Linux desktop experience together. At least they’re thinking about the horribly proken and confusing filesystem layout. As much as people say the layout is good – there’s got to be an improvement on the “/tmp, /usr, /var, /dev” etc. Whatever. I don’t think I’m up to the challenge right now – but its something I want to look into. Pushing Fresco on top of this system would be neat. I want to work on Fresco a lot soon. But the design ideas are above my level of understanding. I mean I sorta understand pieces of it and how everything fits together, but beyond that (woosh). They are many pieces in the entire puzzle – remote objects, GL, PDF and so on. It would be exciting to work on it for my design project.

Collected $50 of the $60 I won. Woohoo. Now I can buy one more textbook. That’s a good place to start.

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