A Friday to Remember


It appears that I have been reduced to writing a blog entry once a week. I suppose however, that that is much more preferable to countless entries with the following subject matter:

“Work today. Lots of it”

Yesterday, Rob, paul T., Paul G. and I crashed at Allister’s house. We got there at 6:00 and put on a BBQ. Lots of steaks, sausages and hamburgers. Quite the feast. Of course, we imbibed some alcohol, specifically Stella Artois and Tuborg (Stella was quite good). None of my beloved Guinness though! We played Halo for the next 4 hours, watched Equilibrium, then played Halo again for another 2 hours and ended up with the Recruit.

I can see why Halo won “Game of the Year”. In coop mode, everything becomes so much more fun. More some reason, the gameplay is a lot more interactive and engaging than most FPS’s I’ve played. The highlight was driving the Warthog while Paul T./Rob shot around in the back. Who knew that driving around could be so much fun? At any rate, I believe a good time was had by all. We didn’t have 4 controllers, so we had to rotate quite a bit – but Halo seems just as fun a spectator sport as it is when you’re one of the players.

On the movie side, I liked Equilibrium. It seems that the reviewers that submit to Rotten Tomatoes wouldn’t agree with me at all. I didn’t like the recruit. It appeared to be quite corny and unbelieveable. You could also tell the ending from a mile away.

Today has been…a very weird day. I woke up, flushed from the emotional high of the previous day to a sterile room filled with piles of my work. The feeling I experienced was hard to describe, but I can approximate it with that of a great weight on my shoulders. I felt as if I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could not see my way out. All I could see was more of the same. Thankfully, so far I have not descended into slashdotism.

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