I decided today to continue updating my web log. It is my personal account of the happenings in my world.

I’ve had a less than inspiring mid-term week. I expended a lot of time and effort into studying. I felt I understood the concepts and felt that I had a good grasp on them. Unfortunately, my exam results indiciate otherwise.

My worst exam so far has been ECE 222. In fact, my mark in it was so sub-par that I was forced to take a second look. I did not, could not believe it. Why? This question is one that I am forced to ask myself. I did not spend a lot of time fooling around. I concentrated on my work. To be very honest, these results have diminished my will to work. If I spent that much effort and did not get satisfactory results – what’s the point?

My problem is in the details. I am extremely good at viewing the big picture, but appear to have problems simply remebering all the finer details. When I was younger, I avoided this problem via repetition. If you do something often enough, the finer details no longer have to be ‘actively’ remembered. They are simply ‘there’ – another step in your mental image of how to solve the problem. I have not been doing as much repetition of late.

I will have to deal with this problem soon. My final marks cannot reflect these marks.

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