Anyone who’s been following the Debian community in the last month knows that there have been a few gcc3.3 related issues with XFree86. Unfortunately these issues bit me as well and I’ve had absolutely no luck with the work-arounds suggested. I finally took the step today of purging _all_ my gdm config files and removing all traces of it from my system (dpkg –purge gdm). After this, I proceeded to reinstall gdm. And lo and heold – it worked! I don’t know why (yeah – I know that’s weak) but I’m happy and very thankful that it does…

Well, it seems like my Evo filters _partially_ work. Now I’m having weird problems in that the rest of my rules are not followed. Plus (weirdly enough) not all my spam is moved to the correct folder (that’s surprising). I’ve gotta try and narrow down the problem.

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