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Reading quite a bit about Fido and thinking abou Bluetooth enabled phones. As far as I can tell, Fido is the only provider to offer BT phones and they have by far the best designed website, the coolest handsets and what seem to be the lowest rates.

Downside? Yeah…nothing’s perfect. They’re the smallest of all the wireless providers in Canada, and they’ve lost quite a bit of money over the years. They just restructured a good portion of their debt. As far as I can tell, their coverage is supposed to be very good in the cities by gets worse as you move farther out from the metros. There’s no digital coverage in rural areas (which means you have to carry an analog phone and pay roaming fees to Bell/Telus). Since I’m _very_ interested in a provider that allows me unlimited wireless data access, I’ve been doing a lot of looking around. Fido has by far, the cheapest service…

Other choices? Telus, Bell and Rogers. Rogers and Bell’s data plans are positively forms of highway robbery. Telus’s prices are pretty good but frankly their phone selection sucks and they use CDMA. Since CDMA isn’t usely very widely worldwide that poses a bit of an issue. OTOH, their 1X network is supposed to be at least twice the speed of the GPRS network Fido/Rogers use…

Take a look at these cases…Vaja Cases. I want one :)

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