Palm Form Factor


I have to reconsider the statements I made in the past about the Tungsten T/T2 form factor. After going back to Staples and doing a much more thorough look at the competing handhelds again – I realize I made an error. The buttons on the T2 are much more usable than those on competing PPCs. Not only that, the border around the frame of the T2 does not look significantly larger than those of its competitors and neithe ris it really any thicker. I suspect part of this change might be due to the silvery color the T2 is constructed off. It gives a much more classy feel to the handheld and as a result it doesn’t feel as dark or as stout as its older brother the T. I’ve got to say that I like the slider…very convenient. And the screen is _by far_ the best of any machine I’ve seen there.

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