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Two days ago, I received my first ‘comment spam’. The depths to which spammers will sink never cease to amaze me. Actually to be honest, the depths of depravity to which the human race in general will sink causes me to lose faith in humanity, in the idea that there is indeed a hope for us all in the future.

The spam I received was quite interesting – in a number of ways. First, I was unaware that the spammers were being hit so hard by anti-email spam techniques that they needed to find another outlet. Also, I wonder, how many authors out there would actually follow through with the links? Personally, the moment I saw the text, my hand moved to the delete button. In the space of 10 seconds the comment of removed. I sincerely hope that I don’t get hit again, but unfortunately, it seems that an increasing number of people are facing this problem. I wonder how it must be to face a deluge of comments – all junk – and despite my being a fairly reasonable person, I am angered. I wonder how, how can I get back at spammers in such a way that it is _no longer_ worthwhile for them to spam me. How can I deal with them so that it costs them more in terms of time and money to post a comment on my page. It’s a complex problem.

Heh…sometimes, I wish I could simply bankrupt them as soon as they are exposed.

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