I must admit – I’m somewhat of a cereal junkie. And not just any cereal junkie – but one who eschews most of the ‘normal’ cereals. Most of them are highly sugar laden concoctions that do nothing to improve your health and everything to turn you into a bloated, heavy breathing monstrosity. That being said, I prefer cereals that include the minimum of chemicals and skimp on the sugars in favor of the fiber. The three cereals I end up eating the most are:

Nature Path Flax Plus/…
Jordan’s Museli (50% Fruits and Nuts)
Quaker Instant Oats

I still enjoy Kellog’s Banana Nut Muslix as well. However, by far the best cereal I’ve tasted is Jordan’s. You know when they say that its “50% fruits and nuts” it sure feels like it. I’ve _never_ eaten a cereal with these many chunks of fruits, nuts and other goodies… Man – I think I’ve found a winner ;) Unfortunately it has two disadvantages – its price and the calories (230/50g) – but I’ll live with that.

Man – typing using the proper method is a pain in the rear. My WPM count has dropped precipitously… Every sentence seems like a chore.

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