You cut me….


You cut me deep Paul… ;) I mean after all, I went home over the Reading ‘two days’ and enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t get to really look into updating the website. Is that my fault?

Ok yeah – it is. But histronics aside, I had a blast over reading weekend. Spent some time in Toronto, Geoff came to my house, played Gamecube, watched movies, watched Eurotrip (surprisingly funny!) and so on and so forth.

It was a blast :) And coming back to Waterloo just sucked the wind right out of my sail ;) For some reason I find the city of Waterloo a lot more depressing than any other I’ve been in. I don’t know why and I can’t even quantify exactly how much it brings me down, other than to state that it does. As I’ve said on many an occasion – I’m a huge fan of the big city, busy life. I’ve never liked the suburbs and so living in Brampton/Waterloo isn’t the best. At least in Brampton I can snag the car and head out into the world, but in Waterloo I’m closeted. I’m in this little bubble close to the university and bounded by the distance I’m willing to walk. Quite a small little bubble. And this really gets me down…

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