Today, at approximately 11:25 PM EST, Paul/Rob, Allister and I all confirmed that our real time operating system created for ECE 354 was working. For me, this is the culmination of all the effort I’ve put, the time I’ve spent is seeing the OS grow from something that could barely run, into a preemptive system that is able to perform IO and IPC.

I think I can truly say that I enjoyed working on this OS and it didn’t feel…like an onerous task to me. I think this attitude helped carry me through – even through the times that I was staring at opcodes and memory and wondering why my lists weren’t working.

I haven’t walked away without problems however. Consistent sleep habits are non-existent, I’ve been getting an average of 3.5 – 4 hours of sleep per night, I’ve been getting headaches consistently and I’ve been missing classes. All of this has been the result – but I don’t mind it, cause the project was interesting. I’ve never coded an operating system before.

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