Yesterday was the…


Well, we all know how that line ends.

I’m absolutely sure I’ve repeated this phrase on many an occasion, but for some reason, its always jarring to have it hit you again.

“Worst day ever”s can come in two forms I think. Those that are the result of one single event or those that are the culmination of smaller indignities. I think, sometimes, that I would prefer being hit by that single event. At least its over and done with and you can ruminate on its effects, causes et. al. to your heart’s content. I mean – its over right?

On, the other hand, being subjected to a multitude of indignities is just plain wrong. Ok, I’m speaking out of pure bitterness now. But when you manage to slice your hand up four times while performing different activities, feel like crap the entire day, get pounded on by bugs, somewhat miss a ride, have to walk 40 minutes back home … excuse me … I think I need to sit back and calm down.

At any rate, the problem with these smaller indignities is that they just keep coming. Just when you think its all over, you try to cut an orange, slice your left finger open, recoil with pain and manage to drop your orange in such a way that it hits your shorts and land sliced side down on the floor.

I wish it were hypothetical.

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