Moving Forward (Writing)


I’ve been a busy beaver today.

In addition to my coop stuff I’ve done a number of activities that are writing/site related.

  • Emailed google about removing : 8100.

    Newsflash: That URL is as dead as a doorknob. There’s no reason it should still be around.

  • Emailed both Paul and Scott to update any instances of the above in their sites.
  • Consolidated email addresses. I have quite a few and I need to start ‘losing’ some.
  • Figured out that Bell’s doing some major DSLAM updates from September 23 to October 1. Maybe that’ll explain my 263ms hop through Toronto when I’m doing traceroutes to I mean…something’s not kosher.
  • Came up (in a 10 minute window) with a list of no less than 6 topics to write about. Started all in my head, set the tone for them, planned a path and hopefully will put them down as the days go by.

I’m continuing to write on blogger for the time being. current purpose is an archive of the past. It also moves entries out from my previous Movable Type installation out into WordPress, which is my technical path forward. I’m really interested in the changes (esp. regarding theming) that are being worked on and when WP 1.3 is released with the subset of features that I’m interested in, I’ll consolidate my entries.

What is important to know is this:

For the time being points here and points to the archive. In the future they will point to the same site (which will contain all the posts). I’m not entertaining a domain name change, or hosting change etc. so those two URLs will always be up.

Regardless of where I end up for coop ;-)

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