I had one blog entry on conversations partially written up.
Scratched it.

I had another entry as a response to Paul’s latest entry (“Intelligent Conversations”). I remember both conversations actually. The first because it involved Matt, Paul and I all discussing the definition of art (movies, visual art et. al.). The second because Paul and I had opposing views concerning questions during lectures. That particular discussion took place today. Although Rob interjected from time to time, I remember the conversation being driven by Paul and I. [Note to Paul: Your blog entry brings up a very valid point about the consideration of the needs of the many.]
Nevertheless, scratched it.

This last entry involves conversations as well. Who would have thought.

Sometimes you’re involved in a conversation that simply tumbles wildly out of control. I get ticked off. The other party gets ticked off. Nothing goes the way either of us want.


I’m not sure where I should or even want to go with this. Maybe I just need to vent out in a non-directed fashion. At no one and at nothing in particular.

In the end, I don’t think either party wants a conversation that begins, develops or ends in that manner. And if there’s a silver lining to any cloud, it would be that such conversations – if handled appropriately by both parties – allow for a greater understanding of the other’s assumptions, understanding & behavior. If I leave such a conversation having stated my position and understanding where the other person is coming from – then it wasn’t all in vain.

That’s my take on it anyways.

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