Or Not…


As Allister and I were standing next to the bus stop on Keat’s Way, discussing co-op and the job situation in general, a green pickup passed us. Normally this would not warrant attention. Today however, a girl screamed out:

“Stop standing [unitelligible] [unintelligible] you f***ers!”

Apparently this is the second time in the last few days that I’ve managed to tick a girl off. This time however – I’m not even sure what raised this individual’s ire. (Too many thises!) I mean – was she seriously drunk? Doubt it. Certainly her volume and lack of slurring belied that. Maybe she just doesn’t like people hanging out along streets? Ah…I don’t know. It was just one of those things you just don’t want happening at a time like this.

[investigates blinking icon]

Another day. Another update. Hmm.

At any rate I was chatting with Scott McLeod and Jai Dhar today about co-op (funny how that’s so very important right now). Both have been racking up interviews left, right and center and our conversations took us down many paths. Jai and I discussed the attributes of the ‘ideal’ company we’d like to work for, some of our previous jobs and why we weren’t returning. Scott and I shared gripes about the stress of having midterms. labs, lectures, assignments, projects, 4-th year design and co-op interviews occurring at the same time and the havoc it was playing with our schedules.

I suppose this period will end. I’ve been through this 4 times before and I’ll survive this one as well. Although…this is my hardest term yet. That throws a wrench into the works no?


Think positive.

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