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This just keeps spinning out of control.

Looks like this is one controversy the Professor Elmasry isn’t going to be able to shrug off so easily.

Reading the Globe and Mail this morning, I noticed this article that dealt with the fallout associated with Elmasry’s comments. First, it appears that the Halton police are looking into this as a hate crime. It also seems like I’m not the only one who’d like to see this Professor get the boot – various Jewish and Muslim groups seem to share that view. Dave Johnston – the current U of W president – has asked the dean of science (?) to look into the matter and consider different options including reprimand and dismissal. The board of the Canadian Islamic Council convened to consider different options regarding Elmasry’s comments. Also, according to Teehan, Adel Sedra, our dean of Engineering, called Elmasry in to have a little chat…

Well then.

BUT. There’s more. Turns out, after the controversy got stirred up, Professor Elmasry realized that he had a problem on his hands. He made in my opinion, the weak excuse that he was simply stating a ‘common’ Palestinian view. That he was not expressing his personal views – though the implication was otherwise. This statement got him into trouble with the Canadian-Arab Federation. Their comment of choice?

In an attempt to explain his position, rather than apologize he has complicated the situation further and misrepresented another group.

Omar Alghabra, President, Canadian-Arab Federation

Apparently his members aren’t taking that ‘common’ view lightly either…

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