It’s happening.

51-48 Bush.

Michigan: Too close to call
New Hampshire: Too close to call
Ohio: Too close to call
Florida: Too close to call
Pennsylvania: Too close to call

At least more people are out there voting. That’s the one good thing I can say about this. Wait…and the fact that if Kerry loses we’ll probably see Hillary run for the candidacy next time. First female president? Very probably.

Oh yeah – Al Sharpton is much, much more charismatic than Kerry. A few choice comments from the Reverend [slightly paraphrased – content should be identical]:

  • It’s good that he’s the former Governor – he can’t send the State Troopers over to pick me up
  • The only good thing about Bush winning is that it would be the first time he’ll ever win an election
  • We were robbed
  • That’s the Republican motto: “We don’t know what the heck is going on”

Oh yeah Al. Come out swinging. All courtesy of the Daily Show.

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