Innovative Flash Uses


Everyone’s played the occasional flash game. Heck, in 2B I was captivated by a little game Allister showed me. I remember wasting a good amount of time on it one fine evening. Never again…

There’s more to flash than annoying games and ads however and its interesting to note just how many applications are possible.

2Entwine’s Gush is a flash based Jabber client. Although it has a few rough edges, its the only Jabber client I use. I chalk it down to the eye candy.

Wordcount is one of the most interesting websites I’ve found to date. It’s a list of over 86000 english words scaled in order of usage. The most frequently used words appear larger than lesser used ones. Give it a try!

On the same token, Querycount tracks which words are most searched for in Wordcount.

I lost a lot of respect for the human race after seeing those results.

Flickr uses Flash extensively for its interface – for everything from its Organizr (yes – spelled like this), descriptions, note additions and more.

Besides obvious accessibility problems I’ve been surprised by the increasing sophistication with which Flash is being used on the web. We’ve started to go beyond the Flash intro to something more… Where will we end up?

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