Little Voice


Sometimes I have too little time to explore a topic. In the minutes I steal to write I’m all too aware of obligations, responsibilities and the continual press of activities. Despite this, I choose, I try to put a few words down. I prefer a tangible creation, the ephemeral coalescion of my thoughts as pixels on a screen to the forgetfulness time brings. Brief as it may be, these words are an electronic signpost. A guide to future musings.

Every time I’m in Allister’s room I see it. At 2′ by 1.5′ it’s hard to miss. I suspect its background is a photograph of Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, but I’m at a loss to explain the oversized electronic dinosaur that walks across a glass faced building. You’d think that the neon lights, the onslaught of advertising would infuse it with a vitality, an immediately apparent energy, but you’d be mistaken. It’s muted. Almost as if overlaid with sepia. Or grey. Fitting, really.

It’s a Lost in Translation poster and every time I’m in Allister’s room, I stare.

Yesterday, for the upteemth time as I sat in his room I read the tag line “Everyone wants to be found”. This time however, was different. A little voice inside me went “Oh”.

It wasn’t loud. It wasn’t a flash of realization. Nothing spectacular. Just me sitting, watching and connecting dots.

I’ve always liked Lost in Translation but I never felt I truly ‘got’ it. I’ve thought, even talked about it a few times. Late one night I remember discussing traveling, remember discussing the movie and finally wondering what Bob told Charlotte. What would I have said? I still didn’t think I ‘got’ the movie or the tagline.

And now there I was, sitting; staring at the line and able to relate.

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