Little Voice Redux


Two days ago I posted an entry titled Little Voice in which I described an encounter with a Lost In Translation poster. Yesterday, gazgirl responded to my entry, asking two questions I found pertinent. She asked:

Two people are killing time, waiting to be found. Why wait to be found? Why can’t people find themselves?

gazgirl (November 16, 2004)

Valid questions – which I hope to address in as much depth as time allows.

Everyone wants to be found

That’s the tagline at the center of this. When I read this line, I didn’t interpret as a self-reflective, ‘finding one’s self’ phrasing. That approach is taken in Fifth Business – incidentally, one of my favorite novels. No, my take is different. In my view, the line refers to a person’s desire to forge a deeper connection with another individual. To feel as if they matter; that they’re not another acquaintance passing through life, talked to and quickly forgotten.

No, you’ve had an impact in another person’s life and because of you, they’ve changed in ways they didn’t anticipate. You want to find someone with whom you can share something more, something not everyone would appreciate or even…want.

I think almost everyone wants that.


There’s more I’d like to say…

Lab calls however, and unless I dash off now I’ll be late. Some days your responsibilities intervene at the most inconvenient times.

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