Am I Dead?


No. At least not yet.

But I will be. I’m trying to study each of my courses as well as time allows. With 355 tomorrow, Psych the day after and 427 on Monday, I have my work for the next 4 days cut out. Considering the sheer volume of material I have to process… Well – I’m petrified just thinking about it.

Then comes 318.


I think my only recourse for 318 is divine intervention.

Anyways – Rob asked if I were dead. The truth is, every time I turn on the computer, precious minutes ‘magically’ melt away. Not to mention that my desktop is a power-sucking, heat-producing, buzz-saw loud machine that makes for one heck of a distraction when I’m trying to figure out why exactly my Nyquist plot isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. So I suppose I’m avoiding it as much as possible.

I need every minute.

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