Time Moves So Slowly


Heck – time moves so slowly when you’re preparing for your exam. Wake up in the morning. Stare at your books and wonder why, just why osmosis won’t work. Drag yourself out of bed and try to get through the day without wasting too much time.

Then oops. Exam’s closing in. 3 hours. 1.5 hours. Panic mode sets in. My gosh – I didn’t know we had to learn that… Gimme that book! Which formula?! Did we have to learn simulation? Cram, cram, cram. Panic some more.

Write exam. Freeze. Blank. Read a question wrong. Possibilities are endless. How would you like to screw up today?

Exam’s over. Cycle starts all over again.

[shakes head]

Thankfully I only have to put up with another 34 hours of this junk. Hopefully by 2PM tomorrow I’ll have learned everything I need for ECE 380. And that’s one big hopefully.

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