I just caught myself staring at the phone, musing on the best way to start this off. In the end, the best way is to simply start writing.

In these days following my completion – hopefully confirmed tomorrow – of my 3B term, I’m torn between different activities. Movies, reading, writing, errands; my time is gobbled up by a series of tasks, each of little import but collectively significant. At the end of the past three (two?) days I’ve sat back and asked myself – “What have I done that’s worthwhile today?”

Quite a bit. Quite a bit.

On the ‘technical’ side of things, I’ve finally started to do something significant with the space on my alternate domain. Realizing that WordPress 1.3/1.5 will be released later than I expected, I downloaded the latest alpha build with two intentions in mind:

  • Create the latest iteration of Gunboat Diplomat. It’s much easier to do as opposed to simply read. I see so many plugins and ideas I’d like to incorporate, but without having a beta site I can experiment on, learn PHP and break stuff, all those are nothing more than ideas.
  • Learn PHP and hopefully contribute a bit (maybe!) to development.

There’s one hard lesson I’ve learned this term – a lesson that’s simple, even logical to most – but hard for me to practice. Incremental work. Perhaps I have cultured myself into the instant gratification phase, but it’s hard for me to avoid the single-minded “work on it unil it’s done” mindset that’s served me this long. Such an attitude is unsustainable.

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