Apple Suits


Apple’s been playing hardball recently.

I may be enamored with Apple products, but I’m _way, way_ less enamored with how they’re treating the community around them. Today Apple sued a rumor site for leaking extremely accurate news on upcoming products at MacWorld San Francisco.

Many Apple fans (in this context I prefer “Apple apologists”) have sided with the company, citing dubious reasons such as ‘protecting the investors’ et. al. I disagree with their point of view.

I ask:

  • In what material way do these rumors hurt Apple?
  • Does Apple ever consider the fact that people are actually _interested_ in their products as a result of this?
  • Why is this suit being conducted?

At any rate, this site – one of the most reliable Mac rumor sites out there – will almost certainly be shut down as a result of this. Apple’s legal department is well known for its bulldog like tenacity and ferocity, so it’s unlikely the owner will be able to stand up to their wrath.

Another example of corporate power against the ‘little guy’? I think so.

And a reason for me to actually consider _not buying_ Apple products.

[shakes head]

Why Apple why?

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