Son of a….


Sequence of events:

  1. Allen asks to be placed on guest list for club
    • Stupidly, Allen does not give his customary email address due to spam concerns. Gives another instead, having ‘remembered’ that he’s set up forwarding
  2. Allen checks email before he leaves office. Says “Oh – I didn’t get on list – I’ll do something else”
  3. Allen returns at 12:56 AM
  4. Checks email
Hey Allen!

You're on the list +3
I'll see you later!


[sighs] Sometimes I wonder at my…

The sad part is that it’s open till 5AM and as usual on Friday I’m awake enough to leave, get there and get back with no issues.

Ah well – next week. Or at the most – the week after. I’ll find 3 other people to drag out with me.

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