Late. Late. Late.



Sound System

Definitely as good as those in the PB/SF clubs. And the fact that it’s not mainstream hip-hop and rap being pumped through them that makes it all the better.

Starts filling up at around 11:20PM (that’s when Josie Dye makes it in) and it runs till 5AM. Now, I’m by no means a great dancer – but even I can truly say that the first guy on the floor was Mr. Spastic Fantastic. I wanted to leave much later, but the last TTC train out of St. Andrews is at 1:42 and it’s a 10min walk to the station, so I vacated the premises at ~ 1:25AM. Screw the TTC – next time I’m parking the car downtown.

Temperature was exactly 5c. Streets were busy. Cops were out in full force.

On foot.

Heck. The only thing missing was a chopper. That’s amusing, since the first day we went to the Gaslamp district in S.D., there was a major confrontation and the SDPD responded in force – including a chopper.

So – what does living in suburbia mean?
It means that I managed to roll into my driveway at just around 2:35AM. Joy.

Time to pull out the contacts, crawl into bed and get as much sleep before leaving at 7:45AM.

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