We went around the table once, a 30 second introduction each. Name, university and interests.

“Hi, I’m Allen George. University of Waterloo…and I’m interested in photography”

I want to communicate, to tell people just how much I enjoy the photographic process but all too often I see their eyes glaze over. You see, the camera is the ultimate egalitarian instrument. We can all own one. We can all take pictures. And it’s so much harder to convince people that something everyone has access to is so much more than what we make of it. It’s so hard – and I’ve given up trying.

When I went to the Sausalito Art Festival, I saw some work that made me gasp. I remember phtotographs so deep, so rich… It was like falling into a well of colour. I see the world in super-saturated technicolor; colours so bright, edges so sharp you’d run your fingers across them, feel them cutting into your skin.

It will take me so long to get there. I only hope I have the time.

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