Light Play


Light Play

Originally uploaded by Allen George.

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This is my first from Waterloo. It’s been a dreary, dreary past few days, which, to be frank – I’m OK with. I don’t mind it raining; it puts an interesting spin on life. The world changes, and you can see the same scene in a completely different light.

Living in the apartment takes me back so many years. I leave my room window open and fall asleep to the sound of cars driving outside – just like I did when I came to Canada so many years ago. I remember the same sound from my childhood in the Emirates. Even though our balcony faced away from the main road, I remember the bustle of the street. I could stand there. Stand and watch as other children rode their bikes through the parking lot, dodging cars. Watch as they played cricket in the long, empty stretch at the top of the lot. I can see it again; feel the railing shake slightly as I lean on it, the uncomfortable sense of vertigo as I looked down, straight down.

Even high up you can hear the traffic on a busy street. Queen, the street that the Hanover apartments were at, was one of those. Even at 3AM, you could hear cars outside – they never stopped coming. It’s a comforting sound.


Cars rolling past won’t wake me up, but the trilling of songbirds at 5AM will.

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