Congratulations Stéphane Dion!



Silly? Maybe. But I’ve watched the Liberal leadership convention over the past few days, wishing – every moment, wishing – that I was there in Montreal. And now, to use a phrase I’ve used so often over the past 4 months…

I’ve got the rope, may as well hang my self…

I met Mr. Dion at the Church on Queen E. after the 1st day of the Ontario Liberal AGM. We shook hands, made quick chit-chat, but it was obvious that he wasn’t at home in that environment.

He’s passionate; he believes his message. His desire for a sustainable economy, environmental leadership and a united Canada is one that resonates with me. I think he has a lot of work to do though. Fleshing out the platform. Developing concrete policies. Working on his charisma :) I think he can grow to be a leader Canadians believe in.

That said, it’s not going to be easy – despite all the rhetoric on the convention floor. Stephen Harper is smart, committed and knows the Canada he wants. It’s not enough to say “We’re not Stephen Harper”. Liberals have to outline a clear alternative. That means specific policies – not vague, all-encompassing ones. It means that Mr. Dion will have to get used to the…viciousness…that is the Commons floor.

Here’s hoping that he’ll succeed. Heck, maybe you’ll see me at your doorstep one day ;)

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