Waning Light


Imagine me. I’m sitting at a table typing away at a laptop. To my left lie two piles of books, a mix of fiction, photography portfolios, and “understand yourself”; to my right…to my right, the wall lamp reflects hazily in the glass that covers the table. I have bags under my eyes. I am not-quite-awake, the result of a shattered sleep.

Not-quite-awake, but feeling very, very guilty.

You see, it rained today and the cloud cover is just right – thick enough to diffuse the late evening sun, but not too thick to choke it off completely. The lighting’s even, soft; the tones will be out today.

Still not seeing?

The light’s ‘ideal’, it’s warm, I’ve finished my job for the day…and I’m not out photographing; it’s like I’m squandering an opportunity. And so, for every moment the night’s not here I ask myself “Did I make the right decision?

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