The Rally


As usual, I’m late with my photos. From the pro-coalition rally at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, on December 7, 2008:

This slideshow is better watched large.

I didn’t support the coalition, but at the end of the day I preferred their ideals and motivations to those of Stephen Harper. I can’t express how angry I was with his mean-spirited attempt to bankrupt the opposition parties and his subsequent move to prorogue Parliament. And so, while I didn’t voice the same message as the other participants, we shared the same sentiment: Stephen Harper must go.

Not that it mattered.

Incidentally, this was the last public appearance by Stéphane Dion as Liberal leader; a few days later he stepped down, and was replaced by Michael Ignatieff. Years earlier I had welcomed his ascension to the role – had hoped he’d grow into it. I supported – still support – the Green Shift. Unfortunately, he did not grow into the role, and we are still laggards on the climate front. Nothing has changed.

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