Write Access as an Apache Committer


So, you just became an Apache committer. That is, you’ve signed the CLA, and received an email from the Apache Secretariat informing you it was received, recorded, and you’re now a member. Congrats! But…how do you get write access to that Apache repo on Github? What do you have to do to commit code or merge PRs without pinging other project members?

Surprisingly, the steps to enable write access aren’t obvious (at least to me). Here’s what I had to do. Please note that these instructions assume that the primary project repo is on Github.

  1. You should have received an email titled “Welcome to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)!” It contains a link to set an initial password for the Apache email address you requested in your CLA. Do this! If you don’t set up that email address you won’t be able to request write access to the project repos.
  2. Enable MFA on your Github account.
  3. Go to the Apache self-serve portal. Log in, and set your Github username to the one you’ll use to make commits, merge PRs, etc.
  4. Go to the Apache Gitbox setup portal. Follow the steps listed. These steps use the Github username you’ve entered in (3) to grant it access to the Apache projects repos you’re a member of.

If all goes well you’ll receive a couple of emails:

  1. An email saying that “ASF GitBox added you to the The Apache Software Foundation team Apache Committers”.
  2. An email saying that “ASF GitBox added you to the The Apache Software Foundation team <PROJECT_YOU_ARE_A_MEMBER_OF> committers”

It takes around 15 minutes to an hour for Gitbox to sync all the information, so don’t despair if nothing shows up immediately.

Happy ASF coding!

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