The challenge of population growth in Toronto


I’m a strong believer in the positive impact of a large population and high density for both Canada and Toronto. A larger population and higher density increases the economic and cultural vitality of both the city and the country. As Toronto enters the 2020s, it faces a serious challenge in terms of growing its population.

The first is at a macro level: as immigration policies in the US and the world change, both Canada and Toronto will have to work much harder to attract and retain immigrants – nothing can be taken for granted. There are also more local concerns. Although Toronto has grown over the past decade, it has also had massive out-migration, which has stunted its potential; hundreds of thousands of people have left in search for affordable housing. Solving this will be a challenge, and one that requires many policy and administrative changes, including:

Given the scale of the challenge, it’s unclear if Council and the province can rise to the challenge (and initial signs are not promising). One can only hope.

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