I’m still learning about photographing and photography. As I stumble through this process I’ve written a bit about challenges along the way and my thoughts on certain photographic subjects.


Here I’ve compiled my articles on technique; this, at least, is an aspect of photography that is relatively easy to share, study and improve. Each article reflects my best knowledge at the time of writing and will be updated as I learn more. I hope that you’ll find them useful.


I’ve used a lot of photography equipment – bought things I loved – and those I regretted, things that weren’t perfect – but that I’ve grown to accept. The generosity and effort of the many, in sharing their impressions, likes and dislikes on the equipment they’ve used, has allowed me to make better, more informed purchases.

I’d like to return the favor.


Learning is a two-way process, and I want to learn as much from you as I hope you do from me. If you see any mistakes or oversights, or ways I can better present the content, let me know. Or, if there’s an interesting technique you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it. You can always get in touch via the contact page.