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Well…I had to make some changes. But I think I’m back! Downside? Lost my old entries and comments. In the process it looks like the stylesheet went somewhat awry. And I mean _really_ awry. If my comments aren’t in here, the sidebar stretches all the way across the page. I understand why though. These aren’t tables – they’re all divs. And what’s forcing the rest of the divs in line is this single content div that takes up a good chunk of the page. Therefore, if your content div is _much_ shorter than the sidebar itself, you get weird effects. Which higlights the dual purpose of this post :) First purpose – record what I’m thinking. Second purpose – shrink the sidebar into place :)

Hehe. Quite the man aren’t I :P

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite serve its purpose. Oh well. Here’s the todo:

– Get new stylesheet
– Add my links to sidebar
– Change to movable type logo
– Change to self hosted creative commons logo
– Ensure that trackbacks are working (my main reason for this episode)

Anything more?


  1. Kurt - March 25, 2003 @ 18:56

    Allen – this looks very sharp – very clean – It is easy on the eyes and I can read through it without getting distracted by other items.

    Is there any way you can have the calendar highlight the current day?

    Looks great!

  2. Kurt - March 25, 2003 @ 18:59

    I just posted a comment – how come it didn’t register on the comments ( ) link? There should be at least 2 now –

    Comments (2)

  3. Allen George - March 26, 2003 @ 01:42

    It did…you just have to reload the page :)

  4. Allen George - March 26, 2003 @ 01:44

    I’ll look into highlighting the current day – it shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Thanks for the feedback Kurt!

    PS. Although I’d like to claim credit, it isn’t my design. I’ve used someone else’s. But I thought it fit. Later on I will switch to something more individualistic

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