I wonder sometimes why non-religous people take the liberty of belittling those who’re religious. I wonder what the point of it all is. I get it. You’re enlightened – those of us who haven’t ‘seen the light’ aren’t. It’s hard to know what to do in situations like that. You don’t agree with them, part of you doesn’t want to simply ‘take it’ without replying in return… [sigh] I usually take the cowardly approach of not responding or mumbling something inconsequential. After all, I figure, without a foil against which to pointificate, they stop of their own volition. Certainly the most expeditious and least problematic route – but everytime I do that I feel like a little part of me dies.

The most aggravating (I’m not even sure this word describes the feelings I faced – maybe incredulity is a better choice) remark I had directed to me regarding my religion was “But you’re intelligent, how can you believe in God?!”. As if intelligence and religiousness are mutually exclusive. The worst times can be at university. When someone takes it on themselves to berate Christianity at great length I just stand around head down and pretend I don’t take offense, that I’m unconcerned about what’s going on. Part of me is saddened. I don’t see the need to dwell on them or attack their choices. Why attack what I believe in? Of course, for the sake of social expediency you simply suck it up… The great Canadian way.


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  • At one point I had a problem with this… people would make a comment about relgions being stupid… for a bit, I would kinda shrug it off. But then, I dunno, I got up the nerve to argue. See, I was at one point religious, then I came to the fork where Evolution went against religion. As a science-man, I went with Evolution and Religion became unimportant to me. Then, while doing some research, I came across some interesting facts… and suddenly, evolution was possible even with a creationist point of view. This started my whole reading into the science in religion, and the actual possibilities of what exists in the bible. I became religiousn again, but in my practice, I’m a little different from most. Since I came into it with my own studying, I tend not to go to church, as it’s often repititious and I can learn more on my own, but I still go on Christmas and Easter.

    Since I came from an Atheistic point of view, and STILL decided on my beliefs, I find it easier to counterpoint the arguments made by non-believers… cause, lets face it, they’re more ignorant of what we may believe in, then we are of their point of view… in this case, who is the ACTUAL unintelligent boob… the guy who hasn’t bothered to look into these things.

  • True enough Paul. It’s just – I don’t know – I don’t think I’m an argumentative person anymore.

    Which is a problem – cause it allows people to get away with comments etc. that I fundamentally disagree with.