Oh man…


I have too many ideas, too many wishes crowding my mind out. Just about every second thought I have is “Wouldn’t it be nice to…”., “Why couldn’t we do…”, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”. There are so many interesting projects I want to work on and I’m suffering from a classic case of (drum roll):


Yes folks – you heard that right. Indecision. There are so many opportunities flowing my way that I don’t know where to start. And that’s a problem. I’d like to work on something where I feel I’m making a big difference – but I don’t know what that’ll be.


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  • Got the perfect thing. I’ve been thinking that we need a “Put Rob through school, so he doesn’t have a massive debt after graduation fund”. Feel liek spearheading it?

    Also, if you can find the pinouts for a Synaptics PS/2 touchpad from a TI Extensa 390 laptop, I’d be much appreciative :) I want to attach it to my desktop for fun.

  • I’d like to be the first recepient of the annual award produced by the fund… as long as it comes in the form of BEvERages :)

  • Unfortunately I’m currently involved in the “Keep Allen out of debt” fund and this one is losing speed fast :)