Python and more


Probably the language I most enjoy programming in is python. Unfortunately, one thing sticks in my craw when programming in python and that is the inability to find an ide that I truly enjoy working with. I suppose I’ve been somewhat spoiled by the Visual C++/Visual Basic IDEs I used in my early days of programming (although I started off with Borland C++). At any rate, some of the features I would like are:

Code completion
Syntax highlighting
Ability to pick up python modules from _all_ the paths specified…
Integrated help
Integrated debugger
Good integration with my GNOME desktop

So far, all the plugins/IDEs I’ve found have been lacking in single/multiple requirements. If any one has any suggestions I’d be happy to consider them. I think the most promising ones are Komodo and WingIDE (lacking GNOME integration and I can’t figure out how to add python modules on my system of code completion et al) and TruStudio. TruStudio is integrated with Eclipse but seems to be lacking the debugging and code completion parts, although work is being done on it. Perhaps I can help out. After all, I can use Eclipse (my favorite Java IDE) to program an Eclipse plugin for a language I love ;) Then I can work on my master plan….


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  • Yeah, I’ve gotten a chance to work with Python this term as well… primarilly as a language used in server-side scripting: I’m making modifications to the scripts used in a version of the UltraSeek server…. but unfortunately I don’t have security access to upload to the test server while I’m programming, so I have to code with little or not code checking (I do small amounts of checking using the command line), but otherwise I have to wait until the guy WITH security access dumps it onto the server.

    Would you happen to know of a way to set up a Python preprocessor on an Apache server? I’m having trouble searching on the web for a way to do this.

  • I’m puzzled…

    It almost sounds like to you want to simulate the input going into your python code and test it to make sure that it works. If you don’t have access to the server box, how are you going to play with the Apache server? (unless you run one locally)

    However, if I understand you correctly, you’re looking for mod_python ( I believe it has a preprocessor built in. Let me know if I’m completely off the mark.

  • I don’t have access to the test box, but I’m more than willing to set up a local server to resolve the issue. I’ll check out modpython and see if that’s what I’m looking for. Thanks :)