Sleeping around 5 hours a day for the last 2 weeks is taking its toll…

I’m getting very, very…


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  • WOOO! You’re not the only one who’s been sleeping those hours…. it’s what I’ve been getting too… darn those DCE course… but after tomorrow, at least that’s one more CSE in the bank!

  • Why are we only getting five hours of sleep a night on the work term? Are we preparing for next term or what? BTW: Doing the three hour drive on five hours of sleep can be interesting. Weird things go through your head, and mood swings are nuts. At least nobody can hear me scream, sing, talk to myself, whistle, hum (Gvildys!), speak in half French, debate with myself the meaning of life and politics, etc.

    Okay, enough of this sleepless rant. Hears to sleeping in on the weekend! I’m shooting for another twelve hour night like last Friday!

  • I wish I could do 12 hours… stupid DCE exam… student PSYCH… and hey, check out my most recent Blog entry Rob for a comment I’ve just made which is similar to your thing about humming and whatnot

  • At least in my case I’ve got a ton of stuff I want/have to do and the realization has dawned on me that I don’t have any time to do it in. So…5 hour nights it is.

    I hear you on the weird stuff Rob. I’ve been having interesting thoughts flashing through my mind. Nothing major – just very unusual. I can’t imagine having a 3 hour drive though. It probably doesn’t leave you much time for anything else.

    How’s the class going Paul?